Anti-Static Coverall Hooded SuitWork UniformAnti-Static/Acid/Alkali Safety Work FootwearMedical Surgical Gown Surgical DrapesESD Anti Chemical ApronCanvas Wellness Shoes
Anti-Static Coverall Hooded Suit
Work Uniform
Anti-Static/Acid/Alkali Safety Work Footwear
Medical Surgical Gown
 Surgical Drapes
ESD Anti Chemical Apron
Canvas Wellness Shoes

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About Us

Yichuan Technology Co., Ltd is a professional Anti-Static & Particle R&D and manufacturer in Taiwan, which offer you best quality against most competitive prices one stop in time delivery. Our material vendors are listed in the stock market. Most customers are top grade high-tech companies. We are SGS ISO 9001:2015 certificated. Welcome OEM/ODM.
Our products are included
1. Anti-static garments, footwear & supplies which are made of static-dissipative materials to resist penetrating by airborne particles, dirt and biological agents meet cleanroom level. Class 10-1000
2. Recyclable Anti-static/acid/alkali SPU Footwear meet cleanroom level. Class 10-1000
3. ESD Chair meet cleanroom level. Class 1-100
4. ESD work uniform
5. Medical surgical gown & drapes
6. ESD grounding shoes
Our advantages
1. Special ESD know-how, any materials can be made ESD footwear
2. Recyclable soles materials applied
3. Ultrasound Seamless Adhesion patent which apply in medical surgical/clean room garments…etc

We have ESD footwear patents as following
1. Patent of good drainage of shoes in any working environment
2. Patent of Turns off the shoes bottom, guarantee 150k times turns off 90 degree one year warranty



ISO 9001:2015
NEWOur Patents 2 - Ultrasound Seamless Adhesion
Unique feature applied in clean room & medical surgical garments
NEWOur Patents 1 - Preventing Breakage/Slip/Drainage
Preventing Breakage/Slip/Drainage in any environments, guarantee 150k times 90 degree turns off one year warranty